Get in touch with one of EAML's professional executives is the Japanese auctions' car importation portal for East Africa Motors Ltd. We assist clients within East Africa to source quality vehicles directly from auctions in Japan and dealers in United Kingdom.

What services do we offer?

To facilitate your process of importing a quality vehicle from Japan or the UK, East Africa Motors Limited provides 4 distinct services to suit your vehicle sourcing needs

  • Import services

    We import all types of vehicles from Japan and the UK as we have direct access to auctions in Japan and very reliable vehicle sourcing networks in these two countries.

    We handle the process end to end: purchase of vehicle, Mombasa port clearance and delivery of the vehicle to various destinations within East Africa.

  • Duty free vehicle import

    Are you a diplomat, returning resident, or person with a disability? You might have an exemption from paying import duty. We will help you import a high quality duty-free vehicle through a hassle-free process. You will be able to buy the latest models at a very fair price.

  • Vehicle purchase via bank loan

    Would you like to import car to be financed through a bank loan but you do not have the funds required to get it from Japan to Kenya? If yes, we have good news for you. We can help you purchase your dream car in a few steps steps:

    • You get creditworthiness appraisal from your bank
    • We proceed to import a car for you using our funds
    • You pay a 30% deposit to enable us purchase and ship your vehicle
    • We clear and register on your behalf once the vehicle arrives in Kenya
    • We provide the bank with all the documents required to process your car loan
    • You take possession of the car once we receive payment from your bank.

  • Resale of vehicles purchased through us

    Do you want to sell a car you imported through us? We can help you get a buyer. All we need is your vehicle details: Good quality pictures and a clear description of the vehicle’s current condition. We help our clients recover their cost by facilitating the resale.

    We will advertise the vehicle on your behalf and will link you up with interested buyers. We can also list the car in our websites so that interested buyers can view it and contact you directly.

Why you should import with East Africa Motors

Below are the some of the advantages of importing your vehicle via East Africa Motors Ltd

End to end process

We handle import process end to end i.e. from sourcing of vehicle in Japan and the UK auctions, shipping, clearance in Mombasa and transport of vehicle from Mombasa to Nairobi.

Flexible payments

Payments are made in 4 instalments spread over the 45 days import period. You make the last payment after you have received vehicle in Nairobi and confirmed that it is as ordered.

Mombasa storage facilities

Your vehicle will be received at Mitchell Cotts storage facility in Mombasa (MT2 CFS). This facility is inside the port and just about 300 metres from where the ships offload the vehicles. The facility has a shed and 24 hours CCTV surveillance hence you vehicle is very safe. Most importantly, we have an arrangement with MT2 for 45 days of free storage just in case you need more time to make arrangements for import duty payment.

Genuine vehicle condition ratings

We only recommend importation of vehicles rated as condition 4 upwards and will share the vehicle’s auction sheet with you. An auction sheet is a document filled by a vehicle inspector as they inspect a car in a Japanese auction. The document objectively describes in detail the condition of the car, its options, accessories, odometer reading and any defects.

Low prices

We source our vehicles by participating directly in Japanese car auctions hence you are assured of low prices as compared to sourcing of the same vehicles via Japanese car dealers / websites. With this good pricing, you will be able to resell your vehicle after several years without making a loss (Many of our clients are actually able to resell their vehicles at a profit).

Proven track record

We have more than 10 years of experience in import of vehicles from Japan and the U.K. We have very reliable sourcing networks in both countries. Most of our sales are via referrals from previous clients and we will be glad to share contacts of our clients who you might know so that they give you feedback about our services.

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