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Import and sell TOYOTA VANGUARD car from Japan to Nairobi Kenya. Buy high quality TOYOTA VANGUARD vehicle at Nairobi Kenya.

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Buy from TOYOTA VANGUARD cars in Nairobi, Kenya for sale. Search from the latest available TOYOTA VANGUARD vehicles for buy/import direct from Japan auction to Nairobi, Kenya. We assist Kenyan buyers and importers to get TOYOTA VANGUARD vehicles from Japan.

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0 cars found.

TOYOTA VANGUARD cars recently delivered to EAML clients in Kenya

  • TOYOTA VANGUARD(2013) delivered in November, 2020
    Rated as condition 4.5 B,B
  • TOYOTA VANGUARD(2013) delivered in November, 2020
    Rated as condition 4 A,B


Production of Toyota Vanguard Started in 2007 August  and ended in 2013 November.


Model Code

Engine Size

Drive System

Fuel consumption

2007 (Aug )-2013 (Nov)


2400 cc


12.6 Km/L

2007 (Aug )-2013 (Nov)


3500 cc


9.6 Km/L

2008 (Aug) -2013 (Nov)


2400 cc


13.2 Km/L

 Engines - Toyota Vanguard is available in 2400CC Petrol or 3500 CC Petrol engine.

Passenger Capacity - It is available with 5 seats or 7  seats options.

Packages Available

240 SG Package - 2400  CC with Leather Interior

240 S Package - 2400 CC with cloth interior

350 S - 3500 CC with cloth interior

350 SG Package - 3500 CC with leather interior

Sale of Toyota Vanguard in Nairobi, Kenya - Toyota Vanguard is getting increasingly popular in Kenya as its importation cost has reduced significantly since year 2014. You will require an average of KES2,300,000 for a good condition (condition upwards),  4WD, low mileage, year 2013 Toyota Vanguard and approximately KES2,200,000 for the 2WD option.

Import duty payable for a year 2013 vehicle is KES 630,839.00

* Spare Tyre - Most Toyota Vanguard do not have a spare tire. They are instead equipped with a tire repair kit which should be used in case of a puncture

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