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TOYOTA RAV4 cars recently delivered to EAML clients in Kenya

  • TOYOTA RAV4(2014) delivered in December, 2020
    Rated as condition 4 B,B
  • TOYOTA RAV4(2015) delivered in November, 2020
    Rated as condition 4 B,B

More about TOYOTA RAV4

Toyota RAV4 is a compact SUV vehicle originally manufactured in Japan from May 1994

History and specifications of Toyota RAV4 from Japan
Toyota RAV4 has been produced since 1994 and is currently in its third generation.
1st Generation XA10 (1994-2000). Engines 2000 CC Petrol
2nd Generation XA20 (2000-2005). Engines 2000 CC Petrol, 1800 CC Petrol
3rd Generation XA30 (2005-2016). Engines 2400 CC Petrol

Versions and characteristics of Toyota RAV4 from Japan

Passenger Capacity – Toyota RAV4 is available in 5 seats and has 5 doors.

Drive system –Toyota RAV4 is available in 2WD or 4WD

Models – Toyota RAV4 is currently available in ACA36W which is 2WD and ACA31W which is a 4WD model.

Spare Tyre - The STYLE package introduced from year 2008 comes without a spare tyre. It is equipped with a tyre repair kit. The SPORT package and the X package have a spare tyre.

Import /Sale of Toyota RAV4 in Nairobi, Kenya

Toyota RAV4 is a very popular SUV in Kenya and spare parts are readily available in Nairobi. Below are average prices for the most popular models.




Drive system

Fuel Consumption

Average Cost in KES to Nairobi






2,000,000 – 2,100,000





12.6 Km/l

2,100,000 – 2,200,000

*Above is all inclusive cost (import duty paid) for us to deliver a good condition (condition 4 upwards), low mileage Toyota RAV4 to you in Nairobi.

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